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Kurt Wieland, Berchtoldstrasse 48, 3012 Bern. Price: 70.- CHF per 60 minute lesson. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday 9 am to 12 am

Contact: mobile: 077 407 02 36, mail: qrt@gmx.ch

Learn English, English grammar and written English intensively and individually in private lessons in Bern-Länggasse. For beginners, your personal English teacher offers a basic programme, while advanced learners deepen and broaden their English skills in varied English lessons. You can attend English lessons in the sense of private tuition if you (or your child) need learning support during your education.

The range of private English lessons with your personal English teacher in Bern is diverse, and you can attend the private English lessons at a flexible time:

Topic-related, everyday English and business English.
Learn English according to an individual programme, brush up and deepen your knowledge
You receive practical learning tips and support with learning difficulties
preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) and TEOFL tests
individual preparation for presentations, job interviews
English courses at starter, elementary and intermediate level
English for beginners and advanced learners
Matura and apprenticeship preparation in English
Tutoring in English at intermediate, secondary and grammar school level, for apprentices and vocational school students, BMS, FMS
Writing texts, describing pictures, dialogues on selected topics in English
Exercises in English grammar, vocabulary and text comprehension
You will speak with your private English teacher often and practise concrete language situations like those you will encounter on your travels or in your everyday working life. In the private English course you will learn to speak English better and more easily, to understand texts in English better and faster and – if you want to – practise grammar topics: present perfect / simple past or pronouns and possessives, etc. I don’t want to bother you with these topics here, but they are always useful. In English lessons in Bern, I provide you with the appropriate material in the form of study books and worksheets.

„Do you also give group lessons in English?“ I am sometimes asked. For this, you would have to come to the English lessons in Bern in pairs or threes and organise yourself. Or I would come to you. It can be very stimulating and dynamic to learn English in a group.

„How long does it take to learn English before you can speak and write well?“ others ask. This question cannot be answered clearly because it depends on many factors.

„Do you also come to our shop and offer English courses for our department?“ Yes, if it can be arranged in terms of time, I am happy to do so.

You expand your English skills or reactivate your dormant English in individual lessons or intensive courses. You can also learn English at home with TV programmes or apps on your smartphone. Here in the English course in Bern you have a different, more direct access to the language and can apply and test what you have learned. My prices compare favourably with individual lessons at larger language schools. I give English tuition for schoolchildren and high school students and give English courses for adults at work, in business, in everyday life or when travelling.

You can also combine private English lessons with other languages. French and German are on offer. French is needed for business people who are in contact with French-speaking Switzerland, and good German is essential for clear written communication in e-mails and multilingual meetings.

People who travel frequently to English-speaking countries can acquire a larger English vocabulary, can improve grammar and can improve fluency and fluency. In African and Asian countries, English is pronounced with a strong accent and can therefore be somewhat less easily understood by Europeans. This makes it all the more important to have a solid knowledge of English in order to be able to cope with the more difficult situation.

The teaching location is Bern (Länggasse district). Berchtoldstrasse 48, 3012 Bern. Tel. 031 301 61 62 or 077 407 02 36. E-mail: qrt@gmx.ch.

For further information, please also visit privatunterricht-bern.ch and kurtwieland.ch.

Learn English with your personal English teacher at level A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1

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